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soil Healthy soil means healthy plants

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The Difference

Proof: 8+ years of university, USDA, industry and field trial research.

Sumagrow's concentration and combination of microbes is unmatched industry wide.

Sumagrow is more effective, at a lower cost.

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What people are saying

“During the worst drought I’ve ever seen in my lifetime,
I grew grass in areas that I’ve never grown grass before.”

“I don’t want to tell any of my neighbors; I want to have
the best crops around.”

“I can only brag at how well it has worked. Everybody that bought tomatoes from me this past summer came back and bought
again because they said it’s the best tomatoes they’ve ever eaten.”

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POPULAR SCIENCE magazine named Sumagrow's forage boost product a 2011 "Best of What's New" Grand Award Winner. [learn more]


POPULAR SCIENCE magazine wrote in 2009 that Sumagrow's formula of select microbes would help “foment a second green revolution” in farming. That revolution is at hand. [learn more]